1. The association shall be called the Miramichi Sportsmen’s Club.

2. The objective of the association shall be the encouragement and pleasure of shooting among the civilians of the Miramichi area, the Police Forces, Forestry and Fisheries personnel.

3. All persons 12 years of age or over may become members for the current calendar year upon payment of the annual dues, and having been duly approved for membership by the executive. Minors must be accompanied by an adult at the range.

4. The executive of the Miramichi Sportsmen’s Club shall be as follows: President, Vice-President, Past President, Secretary and Treasurer.

5. The executive shall be elected yearly, at the annual meeting of the Miramichi Sportsmen’s Club, held during the month of December. The term of office of each officer shall be one year, from December to the end of November or until a successor is elected.

6. Replacements may be appointed temporarily by the President, but such replacements shall only serve until the next general meeting when their appointment shall be confirmed by a general vote.

7. a. President: It shall be his/her duty to call executive and club meetings, to preside at these meetings and to have general supervision of the affairs of the club.

b. Vice-President: It shall be his/her duty to carry on the duties of the President in his/her absence or on the President’s request.

c. Secretary: Shall keep the minutes of all general and executive meetings, conduct correspondence and have a record of all memberships.

d. Treasurer: Shall administer the club’s bank account in a branch of a chartered Bank of Canada, receive and deposit therein all monies due the club. Before each meeting, he/she shall submit a statement of finances of the club. The treasurer shall also collect or designate a member to collect dues and distribute keys.

8. All payments of accounts and other withdrawals from the club’s bank account shall be by cheque, signed by the President and the Treasurer, Secretary, Past President or any two there of.

9. The fiscal year of the club shall begin on the first day of December and terminate on the thirtieth day of November.

10. The executive may, by written notice, terminate membership of a member for acting contrary to the club safety rules where as the member chooses to ignore the rules becoming a safety hazard to other members and him/herself and for conduct injurious to the image of the club or shooting as a sport.

11. The club shall not be responsible for any damages, injury or loss of property to any member, guest or visitor taken to the club premises, regardless of the reason or nature of such damages, loss or injury, and further, every member, guest or visitor shall use the club premises and facilities at his or her own risk.

12. No alteration in the constitution shall be made except by a resolution duly passed at the annual meeting.


Club By-Laws


1. Membership fees shall be as approved at the Annual General Meeting. Membership dues are to be paid by April 30th, after which a $25.00 penalty will be paid.

2. The club will have its annual meeting in December of each year. All other meetings will be on special request of the executive.

3. The objective of the club shall be the encouragement and pleasure of properly supervised shooting, gun handling and gun care.

4. Every firearm brought to the range to be fired will be inspected by the range officer before being used. If he/she feels the weapon to be unsafe, he/she will have the right to prohibit its use. Any other member may also prohibit the use of a firearm that is considered to be unsafe.

5. All non-club groups such as Federal Wardens, Police Forces and Federal Security and the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources, will be charged a daily fee for the rental of the range facilities.

6. Alterations in the By-Laws shall be made by a resolution duly passed by the members at any meeting of the club.

7. All firearms must be transferred in accordance with Government Rules and Regulations.