Road Condition Report (Last Plowed Sun, 10 Dec, 12:00pm. Last Updated Weds 13Dec 2017, at 7:55pm)​

Highway-to-Shotgun Range

Truck sprung a radiator leak this morning. Will fix this week. Road is frozen, but may be very rough and rutty. 4x4 Trucks recommended.

Shotgun Range to Rifle Range

I expect this section to be same as above. Frozen and bumpy.

Plowing Colour Key:

Road is Open Use At your Own Risk - May not be advisable for some vehicles (snow, ice, low-hanging branches, etc) Road absolutely Closed - Do not use (to prevent damage to road, for example)

IPSC is the primary sport of choice for Miramichi pistol shooters. Details about the sport can be found at You can also watch the IPSC-NB Promotional video, to get an idea of the action: 

IPSC NB Promotional video


Photos from the Black Badge Course, 1 June, 2013:

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