Road Condition Report (Last Plowed Mon 12 Feb 8:00pm. Last Updated Mon 12 Feb 2018, at 8:06pm)​

Highway-to-Shotgun Range

Plowed. Road is getting very narrow in spots. 

Shotgun Range to Rifle Range

Plowed. Road is getting very narrow in spots. 

Plowing Colour Key:

Road is Open Use At your Own Risk - May not be advisable for some vehicles (snow, ice, low-hanging branches, etc) Road absolutely Closed - Do not use (to prevent damage to road, for example)

We have a few ways that you can apply for membership:

  • You can drop in to NAPA in Newcastle, and speak to Troy or Kevin. They have the forms, and can accept cheque or exact cash, or


  • You can visit ProNature, on Highway 11, and purchase a membership at their front cash, or


  • You can download and print the application form, fill out the form COMPLETELY, then complete the Application by:
    • Mailing the completed form, along with a cheque, to the Club mailing address, or
    • Scanning and Emailing the completed form, and sending an EMT payment, or
    • Dropping off the Application, and exact payment, to Paul Nowlan, Service/Parts Manager at Roussel Volkswagon.


  • Or you can fill out this form right on your computer. To do that, you require Adobe Acrobat Reader:
    • Fill out the form,
    • SAVE it to your desktop (This step is critical, or you will wind up sending or printing a blank form.
    • Print it out, or email the completed form, and follow up with payment.


Incomplete forms WILL delay processing!


Click Here for the Form