Road Condition Report (Last Plowed Sun, 10 Dec, 12:00pm. Last Updated Weds 13Dec 2017, at 7:55pm)​

Highway-to-Shotgun Range

Truck sprung a radiator leak this morning. Will fix this week. Road is frozen, but may be very rough and rutty. 4x4 Trucks recommended.

Shotgun Range to Rifle Range

I expect this section to be same as above. Frozen and bumpy.

Plowing Colour Key:

Road is Open Use At your Own Risk - May not be advisable for some vehicles (snow, ice, low-hanging branches, etc) Road absolutely Closed - Do not use (to prevent damage to road, for example)

Chili Shoot!

Date: Dec 12, 2015

Time: 10AM

25 skeet, 15 wobble trap (remember, bring 30 rounds for wobble :) )

Fee: $20 

Includes Chili with all the fixin's 

For further details, please contact any member of the Executive.

Reminder to everyone that there will be a meeting with Minister Candice Bergen on October 5th at 7:30 P.M. at the Miramichi Golf Club. With 170 Club Members, we should have at least 100 members in attendance and if they bring a friend or their wife we can fill the room. This will be an important meeting for firearm owners and may help our Club in the future.

The winner of the raffle on the M & P 9mm Range Kit was Justin Edmonds, he
has been advised of his win and the transfer of the firearm to him will
begin Monday Sept 28th.
Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and supported the Miramichi Sportsmens
Pistol Section.

See you next year with another Raffle.