Road Condition Report (Last Plowed Fri, 23 Mar 5:00pm. Last Updated Sat 31 Mar 2018, at 3:39pm)​

Highway-to-Shotgun Range

Road very soft and muddy. Closed to vehicle traffic until further notice.

Shotgun Range to Rifle Range

Road very soft and muddy. Closed to vehicle traffic until further notice.

Plowing Colour Key:

Road is Open Use At your Own Risk - May not be advisable for some vehicles (snow, ice, low-hanging branches, etc) Road absolutely Closed - Do not use (to prevent damage to road, for example)

See this link for details:

Magnum Revolver Shoot!

*** Note: This is now open to ANY Pistol (Revolver or Semi Auto), 9mm and up ***

What: Magnum Revolver Silhouette Shoot
Cost: Free (there will be one .357 Revolver available for loan, if anyone who doesn’t own one wishes to try it - $20 let's you use the revolver and 24 rounds of factory ammunition.)
When: Sunday, Feb 12, 9am
Where: Miramichi Sportsmens Club Rifle Range
Permitted Calibres: (***NEW: 9mm and up permitted!), .357Mag and up, Revolvers and Pistols, open sights and optics permitted.

- There will be a total of 20 steel animal silhouette targets:
- Five Chickens at 25m, 
- Five Turkeys at 50m, 
- Five Pigs at 75m, 
- Five Rams 100m. 
- There will be four shooters in a relay.
- Each shooter draws straws to determine which species to shoot. (For example, person A may draw the chickens, and person B may draw the Rams).
- Each shooter will have SIX cartridges, to knock down up to all five of the assigned species. 
- Once everyone has either knocked down all five of their animals, or used all six rounds, the targets are reset, and shooters move on to the next, further-away species in the list. The shooter who has finished the Rams at 100m, would move to the Chickens at 25m.
- Scoring will be based on how many shots required to knock down all targets. 
- In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker round(s) will determine the winner.

Anyone wishing to sight-in before shooting the match, may do so at the 50m pistol range.

This will be standing, unsupported, shooting (just using your body for support).

- Firearms will only be moved unloaded, and either in holster, or in case. 
- Shooters on the Firing Line will be under direction of a dedicated Range Officer. 
- Each shooter will have a small table in front of them, for ammo and firearm. 
- At the completion of each shooting sequence, all firearms on must be “cleared” by the RO before being removed from the Line
- Until the firearms are “cleared”, no person is permitted ahead of the firing line, and nobody may handle anything on the tables while shooters are downrange (standard Match range safety rules apply).

*** NEW Cancellation Policy: If this match has to be cancelled, a Newsletter will go out the night before (so check you emails in the morning!)

For more information, or to confirm attendance, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who will pass the question along to Morrill Sisk (organizer).

A huge THANK YOU to those who came out this morning - we managed the impressive feat of clearing the road as far as the Shotgun Field. 

Tomorrow (Sunday), I'll be out there again at 10am, with anyone who can spare a couple hours. I suspect we should be able to break through to the Rifle and Pistol Ranges tomorrow.

Now, by "break through", I don't mean the road will be perfect - there are still low-hanging branches, and we may get the occasional new tree-fall on the road, but it's looking really great so far.

If you can make it out, tomorrow, even if you don't have a chainsaw, we can use people to pull the cut branches, and stack them in off to the side. Each saw can keep two "pullers" busy.

Here are some photos from today's activities:

  • Road-2017-01-26Road-2017-01-26
  • 20170128_10131420170128_101314
  • 20170128_10131820170128_101318
  • 20170128_10162320170128_101623
  • 20170128_11452420170128_114524
  • 20170128_12013420170128_120134